Monday, March 03, 2008

baby got back

In honor of the four boxes of Girl Scout cookies* that arrived in my office on Friday (I intentionally left them at work over the weekend so as to avoid temptation for 2 days longer), I give you my list of Girl Scout Cookie Boxes Most Worthy of Eating In A Single Sitting:

1. Samoas. I'm not even a caramel lover generally and these things are completely addictive. If you can walk away from a half-full box of Samoas, you must be superhuman. Or a robot.

2. Tagalongs. Like a peanut butter cup, but with a better chocolate-to-peanut butter ratio. And a Cookie Crunch (although I admit, the cookie part doesn't do that much for me when compared to the chocolate and peanut butter parts).

3. Thin Mints. I'll limit, for purposes of this list, the required consumption to a sleeve of Thin Mints. Because I think that if you eat an entire box in one sitting, paramedics may be required.

4. Trefoils. Not as good as Lorna Doones, but still some damn fine shortbread cookies. Glass of milk, sleeve of Trefoils. 'Nuf said.

5. Do-Si-Dos. Not really in the same league as top 4, but worth the extra 200 calories to grab a couple if someone has a box opened for public consumption. Cookie portion is a bit on the dry side. Helpful to have a beverage handy.

Time to become a bit more friendly with the treadmill during my free time...

*I make the same order every year: 1 box Samoas, 1 box Tagalongs, 2 boxes Thin Mints. Tagalongs and Samoas are always gone within the first two days. Thin Mints have slightly more staying power. Plus I have to take a box home and freeze it.


Charivarius said...

I agree about the thin mints--one sleeve's enough for one sitting. Love prying them apart, a light twisting action suffices. This is the only mint cookie I look forward to eating, not that there's much variety these days.

City Elf said...

ohhhh, thin deliciously bad for me, but so irresistibly good.

t.s. said...

I think there are two different companies making Samoas, and so they taste different in different cities. Some of them taste fantastic -- as God designed them -- and some of them have this weird aftertaste that turns me off after a few -- possibly as some false God designed them, I don't know.