Monday, May 19, 2008

when the moon is in the seventh house...

Aspiring Hippie Chick Checklist:

1. Quit well-paying job working for The Man.


2. Spend free time taking art classes.


3. Move to Venice Beach, California.

Come early July, check! This is hopefully my next apartment building! We put in an application yesterday. Abbot Kinney is a fun, artsy area (originally envisioned as more of an artist colony than it actually is today, but it is one of those "no chains" neighborhoods* with a rare books store, galleries and a couple of coffee joints, none of which is called "Starbucks"). We'd be about 6-8 blocks from the beach. Less than a mile from Main Street shops and restaurants. Decent sushi place right next door. And, of course, a healthy (ha!) assortment of yoga and pilates studios within a mile. Picture me, riding a beach cruiser in flip flops, with my yoga mat rolled up in the basket. California dreamin'.

4. Wear flip flops everyday.


5. Never say "mwwa-hahahahaa", even in jest.


*Though apparently the neighborhood lost a big anti-corporate fight recently and Pinkberry has invaded their no-chain zone.


10 lbs of awesome in a 5 lb bag said...

I just checked out the link to the building. Looks awesome. Totally modern design, and in Venice Beach? You're killing me.

Alicia said...

You're livin' the dream, baby! Good for you!!

gbc said...

My new coworker is moving into unit 214 . . . and lives where you all do now, as temp housing. How weird.