Wednesday, July 02, 2008

wake me up before you meme

In honor of my (April) nablopomo celebration dinner with Ericka of City Elf tonight, I am continuing this meme today:  7 Things About Me You'd Not Likely Guess.  Now that I've done the 100 facts blog, I'm not sure there isn't anything about me I have told my 5 loyal readers, so I'm going with things you wouldn't guess upon meeting me, I guess.

1.  I wanted to be an optometrist.  I think I went to the optometrist when I was 8 or so and it really made an impression on me.  All the cool machines to play with!  At some point this turned into a more general interest in being a doctor.  But a dislike of blood and hospitals changed my mind in high school.

2.  I was a cheerleader in high school.  I don't think I really give off the appropriate cheerleader vibe, but during my sophomore year I cheered for JV football and basketball.  Go Eagles!

3.  I have insomniac tendencies.  I've learned to control the problem primarily through late-night reading, but I have trouble making myself go to bed at night.  It's been particularly pronounced and problematic when I've lived alone.

4.  During middle school (and, less so, high school) I had severe and chronic migrane headaches.  Spotty vision, light flashes, throwing up.  It was fun all around.  My mom went through a similar phase when she was an adolescent, but it was particularly bad for me because the onset happened to be right around the time my parents split up and they were often triggered by stress.  The school nurse knew me very well.

5.  I only started being able to stand to eat eggs in the last 5 years or so.  I only will eat them scrambled and I only enjoy them if the flavor is masked with yummy stuff like salsa and cheese.  And flour tortillas.  However I was really good at breakfast grill when I used to do it at Friendly's in high school.  I make a mean omelette, or so I've been told.

6.  I never liked paper classes at all.  Took the bare minimum in both college and law school.  Give me a test give me a test give me a test.  Design classes are all project-based and that is fine too.  I guess my hatred really just extends to writing papers.

7.  I always assumed I would die young.  When I was a kid I never thought I would live past 40.  Maybe lots of kids do this, I'm not sure.  Guess I'l have to change these estimates in a couple of years.  Still though, 70?  Can't picture it.

I won't call out anyone in particular to continue this, but I'd love to read the entries from some regulars if they are so inclined.


Not Jackson said...

I love it when you tell Friendly's stories. But it's really just a tease unless you whisper "Fribble" in your readers' ears.

Oh, and here you go --

10 lbs of awesome in a 5 lb bag said...

Ok, three can play at this game.

City Elf said...

these were good! i had no clue on any of these - you especially don't give off the cheerleader vibe, though you are pretty cute. ;)

Diana H. said...

I didn't eat eggs until my senior year of college! I couldn't stand them before -- even the smell would make me want to gag. But now? Love 'em! In particular scrambled, though I super suck at making them myself.

Ok, random fact about me... I've never been on an upside down roller coaster.

TMC said...

ugh, migraines!
They made my list, too.